The festival aims to remind visitors of the film print format, no longer used in Central Europe, which dazzled visitors with its brilliant depiction of detail and, at the time, unsurpassed surround sound.

A field of conventional 35mm wide-screen film contains 387.66 mm2 of image, which is 2.75 times less than the 1068.98 mm2 of a 70mm print. Films shot on a 70/65mm negative therefore have a greater depth of field and show more fine detail.

Krnov's Mír 70 cinema is currently one of the few cinemas in the Visegrad Four countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) that is able to show 70mm format film prints with original, up to six-channel magnetic sound recording on 105 square metres of curved screen.

The name of the show has several meanings. KRRR! is a combination of the consonants from the beginning of the name of the town of Krnov, which creates a characteristic sound (almost unpronounceable to foreigners), which is also a citation for the sound of the projection machine.