Elementary school gym

You can sleep at the gym on the elementary school, which is situated 50m from the cinema. To have a comfortable night you should bring your own sleeping bag and a mat.

The price is 80 CZK (±3€) / person and night.

the dorm of SPgŠ a szš Krnov

You can sleep at the dorm of SPgŠ Krnov, which is quite near. There are three-roomers. The capacity is limited. You can pay at the festival (cinema) cash or via bank transfer to our account. The deadline for applications is April 11.

The price is 280 CZK (±11€) / person and night.

The dorm of SPgŠ a SZŠ Krnov

  • Hlubčická 145/2

To order accomodation at the gym or dorm, contact Lucie.


Hotel Steiger (1,2km)

Hotel Cvilín **** (3,3 km)

Penzion Šelenburk (4 km)

Penzion Eva (1,3 km)

Penzion U Rajfů (1 km)

Larischova vila (600m)

Penzion Koliba (1,8 km)

Penzion Eso (1,4 km)

Vzdělávací centrum v Krnově (1,8 km)

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