Festival guide

The festival is taking place in the Mír 70 cinema in the city of Krnov, Czech Republic, from Friday 8/4 to Sunday 10/4. You can buy a ticket for the film 30 minutes before the start.

You can save and buy an accreditation ticket for 2 or 3 days. The price includes entrance fee for all the films and materials. You can register online, or in the foyer of the cinema (on Friday from 12pm, on Saturday from 8am). You can pay by bank transfer to the account no. 1845359319/0800 (use the Accreditaton number you get as a variable symbol), or you can pay cash at the cinema.

Where to go?

The city of Krnov is situated in the north-eastern part of Czech Republic, on the confluence of Opava and Opavice rivers, on the foothills of Nizky Jesenik, nearby the border with Poland. Visit the website of Krnov.

Where to sleep?

You can sleep it the gym situated 50m from the cinema, in a nearby dorm or you can choose from a variety of hotels and hostels on the link below.

what to eat?

You can buy some snack and refreshment in a buffet right in the cinema. In the surroundings there is a bunch of places to get a meal, shopping malls, bistro's or luxury restaurants.

If you have any questions, just contact us.


Days of Heaven 14.00 8. 4
Vzlyot 17.00 8. 4
The Sound Of Music 19.45 8. 4
55 Days at Peking 10.00 9. 4
Raiders of the Lost Ark 13.30 9. 4
PlayTime 16.30 9. 4
Dune 19.15 9. 4
Alien³ 22.00 9. 4
Shatterhand 10.00 10. 4
Raiders of the Lost Ark 12.30 10. 4
The Sound Of Music 15.00 10. 4
Alien³ 18.30 10. 4

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