Elementary school gym

You can sleep at the gym on the elementary school, which is situated 50m from the cinema. To have a comfortable night you should bring your own sleeping bag and a mat.

The price is 80 CZK (±3€) / person and night.

the dorm of SPgŠ

You can sleep at the dorm of SPgŠ Krnov, which is a part of the cinema building. There are three- and four-roomers. The capacity is limited, in case it's fully booked, we can arrange another dorm - SSAMP Krnov. 

We reserve a right to fill the rooms according to the time of accreditation. Accomodation of mixed pairs is available only when the capacity of the room is fully used.

The price is 280 CZK (±11€) / person and night.


Hotel Pepa **** (800 m)

Hotel Steiger (1,2km)

Hotel Cvilín **** (3,3 km)

Penzion Šelenburk (4 km)

Penzion Eva (1,3 km)

Penzion U Rajfů (1 km)

Larischova vila (600m))

Penzion Koliba (1,8 km)

Penzion Eso (1,4 km)

Education centre in Krnov (1,8 km)

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